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Competition report!


So this happened..

Jkl 2014-1042




But I´ll take it from the beginning..

Monday-Thursday I chilled, went to school, ate a lot of carbs and did my lazy squeze trainingsessions.. On Friday shit got serious.. In the morning C painted me the first time with a competitioncolor called ProTan.. Then I packed all my stuff, it was a lot and I was SO scared that I´ll forget one competition shoe or half of my bikini.. That will be a big problem..  But apperantly I didn´t forget anything and around 2 a´clock we were on our way!

2014-09-12 15.46.09

(I was the only one who´s excited)

When we arrived to Jyväskylä we went to the competitors meeting where they messuard my lenght and checked my bikini and shoes.



(pic from the comptetitors meeting)

Then we went to see Jari, he checked my color (that it´s eaven and how many layers I sould put on) and my form. Everything was good so I went back to the hotelroom, C painted an other layer of paint and then we went to bed.. Tomorrow was a BIIG day 🙂


The competition morning started of with another paintlayer and the it was makeup time!



The transformation was pretty enormous.. 😉wpid-photogrid_1410586675835.jpg


In this pic you can see the diffrence between a normal colour and the competitioncolour.. You have to be very dark because of all the lights on stage..



After a really long morning of just waiting around for the competition to start I went backstage for some more waiting..


(last meal before competition: rice cakes  with nutella )

And out of nowhere it was my turn to go up to the stage, the judges was screaming that they wanted us in a line and my bikini wasn´t even properly on and it had to be glued and somebody putted on the oil and checked that I looked good and then it was lift of..

We stood in line for what feeled like an iternety before it was our turn to go up..

(I´ll try to fix a video from the show, with explanations of what´s happening but until then you´ll have to just look at the pictures..)

Jkl 2014-868Jkl 2014-869

Jkl 2014-870 Jkl 2014-871


(from prejudging)

Jkl 2014-1007 Jkl 2014-1010  Jkl 2014-1006

(from the T-walk, finals)

So as you probably figured out I won my class, and I´ll get to compete in the Junior World Championships in Mexico first weekend in October and also compete in Nicole Wilkins Championchips and the Nationals (suomen mestaruuskisat/ finska mästerskapet) 11 – 12.10


wpid-20140913_163804.jpgwpid-20140913_161139.jpg    wpid-img_176659710354.jpeg


After that we went eating with my parents, my brothers, Christoffer and Annika.. The last month of diet I have been dreaming of a big fat steak so.. Tadaa..



so that was my day..

This week has been a normal dietweek, the diet offcours continues because I´ll continue competing..

Until next time, train hard!

(pics from http://body.pictures.fi)

Competition week

This week is special in many ways. I will eat a lot of carbs, train differently and just do short cardio sessions..
I practically rest into my competition form.
I’ll do lots and lots of posing practice and just some pumping in the gym.


Yesterday Christoffer and I food prepped.. oh my the kitchen was messy after that! So almost all my meals until Wednesday is cooked now..




This Friday we start our journey to Jyväskylä and on Saturday about 2pm it’s competition time!! I’ll try to update as much as possible at the blog but I’ll probably update more frequently on Instagram: elinamelie so follow me there!

until next time, train hard 💪

When do I start eating normal again?

That’s  a question I get a lot these days especially from school friends and coworkers..
Well to answer your question I have to know what normal is. I don’t like the word normal that much because normal can be so many things.

For example, my normal is six workouts per week, all year round. Don’t matter if it’s Christmas day or midsummer, if it’s legday it’s legday.
For others normal means something else.


So if I’ll answer the question in the way I assume my coworkers and study buddies think normal is the answer is not in a loong time. Right after the competition I eat whatever I want(steak,  wine, chocolate, candy you name it!), no scale or restrictions about fat or carbohydrates but at Monday I’ll start the day with the basic porridge and quark.


After the competition I’ll continue the diet, with a little increase of carbs. I keep my meal plan pretty much the same all year diet or offseason, the only thing that’s changing is the amount of food I eat..

It’s really important that I stick to my diet , especially after a competition diet because if I eat a lot of crap and things get out of control my body will blow up and I’ll easily gain 10kg of fat in a couple of weeks. Why? Because my body screams for nutrition and food, and when it gets food it will store it for bad times (this is how we survived winters and droughts in the stone age for example)

People often thinks that the hardest part of competition diet is before competition but I think that for many the hardest is keeping the form after the competition. Your constantly hungry and you want to eat out and socialize with your friends.

Of course I will do that to, probably get a cheat meal at weekends but otherwise I’ll keep it clean.
The upside is that next diet will be shorter and easier because there will be less weight to drop.


So to summarize;  I’ll be continuing to eat and train the same way but I will be getting cheat meals and I will be eating them with great pleasure because sometimes you have to get a little time of 🙂


Have a great weekend and until next time, train hard 💪

I don’t feel it

I just realized that it’s just 10 days left until competition! And I don’t feel it! !Minor panic attack over here. I’m not excited, I’m not nervous, I’m nothing. . Scary.. I hope it will pass and that it’s some one day thing.. well I know that it will pass when the competition color is on, the smell of the color is very intense and gives a certain feeling I can’t even describe!


Anything else? Well school started for real and me and Christoffer moved to Vasa! I found a fantastic gym, cheap and good, wich is rear but in this case true!



Our new home ♡



Studies. .


Active students 😉

This is last week before competition and I haven’t feeling hungry yet. But tired. Veery tired. My muscles are soo empty. So I can’t wait to get to reload this body..



I’ll leave you with these pics..
Until next time, train hard 💪

I can’t wait for this week to be over! ! I’m tired of all this driving! Every day I wake up at 5, do my morning cardio, shower and then we head for school. Or Christoffers school, wich start at 8.. I begin 2 hours later at 10.. so when we start school I have already been awake for 5 hours! Around 6pm we are back home,  then we go to the gym and after that I meal prep, shower and bed at 10pm.. then we start all over again.
So yes I’m pretty tired and I just want to move in to our apartment! This weekend will be really hectic, with all the moving and stuff but after that I hope I’ll get a few quiet days before competition!



Here’s a pic from Monday’s form check.. 16 days left people! Can’t wait! 🙂

Until next time, train hard 💪

Hell week

Well this week has not been easy..
Tired, hungry, cravings! !! Now I’m 19 days out, I think that’s the only thing that makes me go on.. well not entirely true, can’t wait to get up that stage soon and show what I’m made of!!


Last year at fitness classic…

This weekend my dear friend Ina got married and me and Christoffer went to the wedding.. it was so beautiful and I cried like a baby 😥




No cake for me..



Well this is rear.. a normal pic of us.. and we are not wearing sweatpants 😂

Yesterday I planned to do my leg day in the evening but things don’t usually go as planned.. the gym was closed and my pre-workout was already in my belly. If I would have been on Offseason I’d stay home and train another day but now I need to get all my training done, I need to burn that fat! (19 days to go, that’s like nothing! ) So what to do? Well I strapped on my running shoes and went to the track near by and ran around there for more than an hour! It was pretty fun actually..




Today is the first day of school and this weekend we are moving to Vaasa!! I’m a little bit nervous but more happy, blessed and excited 🙂


Until next time, train hard 💪

Loading again..

Hey guys!
Oh my this week! Work work work! during this summer I’ve been working at a home for elderly wich means that I work both in the evening and morning. The past week all my shift were evening shifts so I was forced to train at noon and do my cardio around 10pm.. I have ALLWAYS trained in the evening, around 5pm are my favorite time to train BUT I have to confess that I like to train 11am to.. I’m full of energy and the gym is almost empty so I have all the room I need especially now when I do lots of trisets (three moves after each other) So to summarize; this weeks training and cardios has been top notch 👌

Now I just have about 4 weeks left until the competition in Jyväskylä and a lot of weight has awesly dropped. What I recently realized tough is that my face has dropped the most weight! Here is a comparison..




Where did my cheeks go!?

Oh well.. this weekend I got my second carb loading, wich was nice 🙂


My favorite; porridge, banana and grynost / raejuusto


This is the form the morning before carb loading and here’s a pic taken after carbloading..


Abs are still there but I got so much carbs in my belly that it looks like that.. 😂

Why do I carb load?

Imagine that you have a pond in your body where all your carbs and energy is stored. When you live on a competition diet you must eat less than you use. Therfore the body uses energy from the pond. After a while the pond gets empty, to fill it up you have to load it up. The trick is to only load with carbs. If you mix carbs with fat it will not work. Now that my pond is filled up, my metabolism speeds up and I have lots of energy!

Don’t try dieting on your own. Hire a trainer who looks after you!

Until next time, train hard 💪



Hello people! 🙂

Last week i went to Tampere, for work of course.. My last week at the school.. I´m going to miss those bastards 😉 and all my coworkers! I really liked working there but life goes on and I´m more than ready to go back to school. A little scared tough, how will I make it, sitting down for 8h and then come home to do some more sitting because of all the homework? And how about all the money I don´t have? We will be living on love with C.. When we found a roof over our head.. We have been looking for an apartement for a month now and we haven´t found one yet. It´s really stressful and school starts in two weeks! Competition is in five and it would be really nice to have our own place before all the competition stress starts.. I´m not the kind of person that stresses a lot but with this I stress and that´s really not good for my body, The stress releses hormones that binds fluid and we don´t want that..

Well hello, I got of topic!

The week in Tampere! That´s right. It went really well! I got to live with Roosa, my dear friend who spoild me the whole week!, She cooked for me and as you know that´s a really big deal for me 😉 She introdused me to seasoning, so I´ve been trying to season my food more, it tastes better and it´s good for your metabolism!

20140730_193825 20140805_161831

When I got home I started working again, work work work.. Today is my only day of this week so I´ll try to really relax and do nothing..


Last Sunday I got my carbloadning day, a day I´d waited for so loong and at Saturday I was torn between two feeling, I looked forward to eat but I felt like I didn´t need it that much, like I could save the loading for worse times. Those worse times hasn´t really showed up yet, but I think they will be soon, Jari changed my diet again when I was in Tampere and when I looked at all the food ( eh) I sad that now the hungry days will come. But back to the Carbloading Sunday.. I didn´t take one pic of any food I ate that day! I didn´t think of it and no one would probably had the time to take one because that food went down pretty fast 😉 I ate like a crazy person, and MAN my tummy was full in the evening!! It was all hard and swollen, veins popping and all that.. I was really thirsty all day and sweated like a pig! And even now, two days later I´m hot all the time..

Did legs yesterday and I was on fire! And this morning at cardio, I could have run all morning, no problem! This body loooves carbs 😉


In the morning, when I realised it´s loading day!


I have explored a new evening snack.. This beautiful creation is so easy to make and it´s soo good!! I just mix 30g of Fast Pudding (cheescake and lime) 3 eggwithes and one eggyoke, put that in a pan and sprinkle som rasberrys on top and voilá, it´s done.. YUM!20140808_221936   

So I think that´s all I had to say this time.. I probably forgot something, you know, dietbrain and all.. Until next time, train hard!



Early in the morning at thursday we begun our trip to Åland.. When we finally arrived to the boat all that I wanted was too sleep.. So we went up onthe deck and slept there almost the hole trip..2014-07-24 12.41.33 2014-07-24 12.41.54

The cabbin at Gröna Uddens camping was great, small but we surrvived. The first thing I did after we had bought some food was to train, at first the session went really good but my body was so tired after all the travelling and lack of sleep that i couldn´t finnish it the way I planned. I got really lightheaded and weak so I listned to my body and stoped before it was to late.. In the evening we went to see Redrama and Adrian lux. Redrama was really great and afterwords a coverband played and they where soo good!

2014-07-24 22.08.22

this is what C and I thought about adrian lux xD


2014-07-24 23.35.35

Almost the hole gang.. 🙂

Every morning I went on my morning cardio. I explored Åland by running around when nobody was awake 😉 

2014-07-25 09.25.08 2014-07-25 13.43.05

At friday we wnt training again with axu this time, so I got some shots from the session and some posing pics..

2014-07-25 15.45.25  IMG-20140725-WA0008 IMG-20140725-WA0016 IMG-20140725-WA0018 IMG-20140725-WA0021 IMG-20140725-WA0023 IMG-20140725-WA0028 IMG-20140725-WA0038 IMG-20140725-WA0051

And we met our classmate from Norrvalla Mattsson, who´s also competing in Lahti this year, and for old times sake we did some posing together..IMG-20140725-WA0053



Mine is bigger right? 😉

Friday evening was spent on a bar in Mariehamn and at Saturday we listned to Electric Banana Band and DJ Broiler 🙂IMG-20140725-WA0000IMG-20140726-WA0000


And on sunday we packed our stuff and headed home 🙂

20140727_133826eating in the car, didin´t have a spoon, but hey, you can eat salad with your hands right? 😉

Now I´m heading to Tampere for a hole week, I´ll be working with the kids again for a change and training my clients 🙂

Until next time, train hard! 😀